Gaurd Rail


The economics, versatility, and performance of Guiderail surpass all other roadside barrier systems. Guiderail provides highly-visible protection in all weather conditions helping to increase driver confidence. The Guiderail system absorbs the impact of out-of-control vehicles while guiding the vehicle to safer stops. Proven results and consistent material quality make steel Guiderail systems the right barrier choice

Gaurd Rail W - Beam

Thickness:4320 mm x 2.7 mm

Bolts:M16 x 35 mm

Guardrail Post: 114 mmØ x 3mm x 1980 mm Long

Guardrail Length :4320 x 310 x 85 x 2.7mm (4 m Net length - centre to centre)


Round Posts


SIde View:

  • Spacer : 114 mmØ compressed x 300 mm Long
  • Guardrail Post : 114 mmØ x 1200 mm Long

Top View

  • Bolt :M16 x 270
  • Guardrail Post : 114 mmØ x 1200 mm long
  • Spacer : 114 mmØ compressed x 300 mmH


Splice Bolt:L=35mm

ROUND FLAT WASHER: 16( 5⁄8") dia.

double recessed Hex Nut:16 (5⁄8")




Nut & Bolt: M16 x 35mm

Bridge Bearing PAD

We, Smartsign and Road Furniture Ltd, we do supply Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads for superstructures constructed all across Kenya. Based on the requirements, we do supply bridge pads for all sizes as per KeNHa and Standards of Kenya with the required load carring capacity.

The Bridge Bearing pads are placed in between the bridge beams and the vertical supports called piers. The primary function is to absorb the load and distribute superstructure loads to the substructure and allow the superstructure to undergo necessary movements in different environmental conditions without creating any dangerous stresses. Absence of the pads will result in collapse of the bridge. Along with this, the Bridge Bearing Pads extend the life of the bridge by reducing wear and tear on bridge material.

In the Bridge Bearing pads, Steel plates are bonded to the rubber through a vulcanization process, this increases the resistance of the bearings to vertical loads. The steel plates are fully embedded along with the elastomer so that they are protected against corrosion.


c-type Guard rail post


smart sign provide by new technology, highway guardrail C post is a popular type because of its advantage of low cost, higher security, environmental protection. This type of post is the most common applied post in the highway guardrail projects and can be hammered by different types of hammers.

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