Barrels and Cones


Traffic Barrels

Traffic Barrels are fluorescent orange plastic and come with a variety of bases. Choose from 4" or 6" wide reflective stripes on Diamond Grade, High Intensity Prismatic or Engineer Grade Prismatic.

Also available is a 42" Stackable Channelizer with reflective bands and base. It is designed to stack with or without bases and has a large handle with holes for mounting lights.


Traffic Barrels have the option of several different types of bases. Choose from a 25 lb. or 40 lb. snap on rubber base, plastic snap on base (to be used with sand bags) and a tire base which slips over the barrel as an alternative to the snap on base.

Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones are manufactured using premium grade PVC injection molding technology, resulting in a durable, high quality cone with outstanding visibility day and night. Choose from a variety of cone weights and heights with or without 3M™ Reflective Cone Collars. For additional stability we offer 4.5 lb. and 7 lb. cone weights. Also, traffic cones can be stenciled with your company's name and/or logo.