Work Zone Signs


Smartsigns has been developing and improving upon roll-up signs for more than 5 years. Roll-up signs are manufactured in our production facility here in the Kenya from your choice of three flexible materials. Each sign comes with a set of ribs that run from corner to corner and 4 heavy duty cloth pockets to hold the ribs. The resulting product is a lightweight alternative to rigid signs and a very popular, effective product when used with portable stands in temporary work zones. KSI roll-up signs can duplicate any rigid sign and are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Roll-Up Signs Materials


3M™ Diamond Grade™ Roll-Up Signs

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Roll Up Sign Sheeting Series RS20 is a highly visible prismatic lens reflective sheeting designed for the production of roll up signs that are typically used in construction work zones. When assembled with cross braces it has the same appearance as a rigid sign. It is designed to accept the sewing or riveting of corner pockets. RS20 series has such wide angular performance it functions at angles that no other sheeting can provide. RS20 series is the superior choice in maximizing portable work zone safety. Available in White (RS20) or Orange (RS24).

Unsurpassed reflectivity & angularity values
Long-lasting visible fluorescent orange color
Surface cleans up easily and is non-absorbent of most chemicals
3 year warranty
Closely resembles a rigid Diamond Grade sign due to its smooth, low-wrinkle surface
Product of 70 years of ongoing 3M innovation and engineering

Incident Management Pink

workzone4When viewed from a distance, Fluorescent Pink Reflective Vinyl is up to 40% more noticeable by motorists and is highly visible under varying conditions. Incident Management Pink signage is also immediately distinguishable from standard work zone safety signage. Flexible, lightweight roll-up material makes for quick set-up and take-down, plus easy storage on emergency response vehicles. Incident Management Pink is recommended by MUTCD 6-I.

Corner Pockets

State of the art, computerized sewing equipment at KSI has brought with it innovations in pocket design. KSI corner pockets are made of heavy duty, 4-ply, minimum 15 oz. material. Each of the 4 pockets per sign are bar-tacked for added strength and double-stitched directly to the back of the sign for durability. Cloth corner pockets allow signs to be rolled tightly for stacking and storing, for greater convenience and more efficient use of space.